Caregiver Cafe .The place where caregivers can relax and say aaah…

Sometimes  as a caregiver venting on Facebook about caring for my 83 year old mom who thinks she is still 70   is not the right place to do so.  I created this blog today for others like me who want to vent and share their experiences in care giving with others in similar situations. I  will try to look at the lighter side of care giving by sharing my experiences . I hope I can encourage you and bring a moment of humor into your day.

For example today I was walking past my moms room and was hit in the head by a flying hash brown. Yes, a hash brown. My mom is 83 with dementia but she has a great throwing arm. Staring blankly at me as if  I should expect a hash brown to hit me in the head, Mom says” Well the chihuahua was in my room while I was eating my breakfast,I threw a hash brown in the hall to get her out of my room so I could close my door and finish my food”She then smiles at me  closes her door. My chihuahua runs by with the has brown looking like I am perfectly Ok with this. I guess mom was having a good morning .Her logic made sense. Other days not so much. I have to go shower now I smell like hash browns.Feel Free to share your  own funny care giving stories with me . That’s why this blog is here.


2 thoughts on “Caregiver Cafe .The place where caregivers can relax and say aaah…

  1. Mom has always had a good strong throwing arm! I remember she was angry at one of us and she threw the ‘HOT’ eye from the stove and burned a whole in the floor, of course, this was before you were born.

    Another time our brother shot our other sister with pencil that he had put in his missile launcher that shot rubber darts. Mom threw a cast iron skillet with bacon frying in it out of anger and it hit my bedroom door just before I opened it. After that, she only threw cold things. lol

    Our memory may fade bout a good arm will last forever!!

  2. Thank You for sharing that Jennifer.Please Feel free to share any time as you have cared for very many family members over the years.

    I am glad that I was born after that .She seems to have mellowed.

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