Dementia Dogs Diplomas and Design

Walking the neighborhood with mom
Walking the neighborhood with mom

Well it’s been a long road but somehow through dealing with mom’s dementia, my lack of sleep our new dog escaping every morning at 2am and other shenanigans: I finally  obtained my Web /Graphic design degree.

Returning to college at 40 something was intimidating at first.That changed quickly. I ended up taking to it quite well. The younger kids in my class(kids to me if they’re in their 20’s) liked me and I tutored a few of them. I seem to have a knack for digital painting and  3d design.

I ended up being commissioned for book covers,wine labels and splash screens before I even graduated. This blog post is to encourage  caregivers and other older adults. You’re never too old to go back to school. It actually is good to get away from the person that  you are caring for  so that don’t lose yourself. In my case, I discovered some things that I  am good at that I wasn’t aware of before I went back to college .

As for caring for mom ? It’s still hard to deal with.  I confide in my dog’s way too much and sometimes find myself fantasizing about euthanasia and hiring hit men  on a bad day. I can’t do those things since I do believe in God and I want to go to  a better place when I die. But sometimes….

I finally published my first e- book on caregiving ! That’s why I haven’t blogged in a while. I wrote a E book about dealing with dementia through humor and faith. You can read it here

I am also working on a caregiver cook book and a dog park devotional.

Well mom is eating dinner and I have to clean her room while she’s not in it .

I will go now.  I encourage you, if you are a caregiver do something for yourself. Take an art class,start exercising do something you always wanted to do. You will run into obstacles but have faith that the right people will be put on your path to make it happen. As pessimistic as I can be , If I believed it and did it you certainly can.





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