Funny News Today in the CaregiverCafe

Sometimes  as a caregiver venting on Facebook about caring for my 83 year old mom who thinks she is still 70   is not the right place to do so.  I created this blog today for others like me who want to vent and share their experiences in care giving with others in similar situations. I  will try to look at the lighter side of care giving by sharing my experiences . I hope I can encourage you and bring a moment of humor into your day.

For example today I was walking past my moms room and was hit in the head by a flying hash brown. Yes, a hash brown. My mom is 83 with dementia but she has a great throwing arm. Staring blankly at me as if  I should expect a hash brown to hit me in the head, Mom says” Well the chihuahua was in my room while I was eating my breakfast,I threw a hash brown in the hall to get her out of my room so I could close my door and finish my food”She then smiles at me  closes her door. My chihuahua runs by with the has brown looking like I am perfectly Ok with this. I guess mom was having a good morning .Her logic made sense. Other days not so much. I have to go shower now I smell like hash browns.Feel Free to share your  own funny care giving stories with me . That’s why this blog is here.


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