Gift exchanges,bad dogs and lawn chairs is it just my house?

Happy New year! I haven’t blogged in a while. The real world has a lot going on in it. Near the end of this rant I have a special PSA just for pet parents! I am so glad the holidays are over.Receiving the wrong gifts, fruit cake oh my . I ended up switching presents with my elderly mom because I think one of my relatives got our presents mixed up. I’m in early 40’s and mom is 86 so I don’t think she wears knee length silk bath robes. I traded her the robe for some pretty faux fur slipper socks that I think were intended for her in the first place. I really wanted both but I love her so we traded. Karma is in effect because the new puppy pulled on my newly traded bath robe belt when I was answering the door and it wasn’t good.

So the following is a PSA from my Facebook page that I must share if you have kids and dogs. These events happened to me yesterday so please take heed.

Public Service announcement to kids. Don’t leave open dog food out in the back yard in winter. This attracts squirrels and raccoons to the yard. This in turn causes your dog to go into attack mode and knock over lawn chairs that end up floating in the deep end of the pool causing your mom to stand in the hot tub balancing with a rake fishing for lawn chairs. Don’t make your mom fish for lawn chairs.

I am grateful that I am three weeks into my intense workout. If I had not been I know I would have fallen in the pool with the lounge chairs and my very large dog who also jumped in to attack the pool filter. See there’s always something to be thankful for. Thank You T 25 for teaching me balance. Until next time have a good night! From Shady Pines elder care and pet hotel. (nick name for my house)

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