Caregiver Canine Couture What’s in my caregiver closet and why should you care?

I am the youngest of two sisters. My oldest sister is 16 years older than I am. She is very stylish  a world traveler and all around conversationalist. She is “The most interesting woman in the world”

 My other sister? Well she’s 13 years older than I am very eclectic and I’ll leave it at that.Then there’s me.I am a caregiver, pet mom, real mom and wife. I dress depending on what life dictates on any given day.

 Most of the time I have to walk my very large dog Rusty in the morning. He walks me most of the time. That requires pockets for baggies to hold poop, jeans or sweats and very good running shoes. I pray every morning that we don’t see cats. He is in his own little zone once he locks in on a cat. On those morning I don’t care what I look like but I always run into someone I know on those days. They look at me like I committed the fashion sin of the century. I really don’t care early in the morning at the park with dogs and squirrels what I look like. By the end of my walk I probably will have ivy in my hair and dog hair on my sweats. One of my friend’s mom’s is retired. She is always at the park  that I go to early with her husband. They are in matching sweat suits and she always tells me not to let myself go. She then reminds me how cute I was in college and how tiny I use to be. Thanks a lot and good morning to you too. I really need to find another park but the dog really likes it there. My favorite bakery is over that way too.


Most days when I get home my mom who has dementia is asking where I got the large dog from.

I explain he is mine and I had him since he was a puppy .Depending on if she remembers who I am that day she tells me that I use to dress better.Yes I did before I became a caregiver and a pet mom.


On Sundays people from my mom’s church drop by to visit her. I am in my own home and I am not changing clothes because they are coming by. I am sure if Jesus were here he would be wearing comfortable sandals and shorts like me. I go to my own church early in the A.M. It’s a multi cultural church where no one cares what you have on. It’s great. On one of my grumpy days I let her friends know that. So now just one cool deacon visits her and he always laughs at how I told the others to stop caring what I had on when they came by and that at least I let them in.


So caregivers we know how hard our day is, how we have to juggle work and caring and parenting and whatever else. So if you are in pajamas or Prada you don’t owe anyone an explanation. You are awesome and doing one of the hardest jobs in the world.


I blog about caregiving to inspire other caregivers.

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