Spring Cleaning For Caregivers and the Super hero mentality


It’s Spring! As a caregiver we need to renew and refresh ourselves just like the earth is renewed every spring .This renewal might mean different things to different people depending on the level of care you provide and your available resources. But no matter where you are in your care giving journey you can use this time to renew your mind and spirit which will lead to a healthier mental state.        I hadn’t realized how stressed I was until last week. I was wondering why everything hurt. My gum line,my neck and head was hurting for four days. My sister reminded me that that is where stress manifests itself. Last week I took advantage of her visiting. I walked every morning  at my favorite neighborhood park. She gave my mom breakfast and that gave me time to go on my walk. Without taking pain pills or anything after about 10 minutes in to my walk my head and neck pain was gone and I didn’t need any ibuprofen. The loosening of my muscles in my shoulder caused my tension head ache to go away. That was a relief. Spring cleaning for me meant cleaning out a bit of stress every morning .

My sister has gone back home now and I wont have as much help with mom. I decided I can get up earlier  and walk my dogs around the corner.  I can enjoy the spring weather before my care giving day starts. I also started letting mom stay out back after breakfast and she enjoys the sun and the flowers instead of her normal scenery of neighbor watching on the front porch.

I also learned that allowing people to help me is OK. I am a fixer and a doer and it is hard for me to accept help. For some reason I got into the habit of saying “No thanks I can do it”.No that’s Ok etcc.  I was like a caregiver super hero that thinks nothing gets done properly unless I do it. I still think that’s true but I will start allowing others to step in every now and then hopefully they wont lose my mom or burn the kitchen without me being home..lol

So this spring stop to smell the roses and don’t deny the helper bees that want to offer you some honey every now and then.

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